THE STANODROL PROHORMONE. What you need to know about stanodrol. Surprise !!


The Stanodrol prohormones did their first ghost available by the dispatch of Methyl MasterDrol v2 (mmv2) by LG Sciences. Shortly after, Competitive Edge Labs was at that point propelling Stano-drop: a brilliant clone of Stanodrol!

The active compound of Stanodrol prohormones is 3-beta-hydroxyetioallocholan-17-one. Stanodrol prohormones turned out to be extremely mainstream since this is a nonmethylated prohormone. That can be utilized for various reasons (building, cutting, prohormones stacks).


Stanodrol prohormones can be utilized for building, cutting, recomposition cycles, and in prohormones stacks. The compound of Stanodrol prohormones is 3-beta-hydroxyetioall-17-one, and this is known as a methylated compound.

Stanodrol turned out to be quickly famous among clients of prohormones for a few reasons. Amateurs, like propelled clients, can utilize Stanodrol prohormones. Fans can use it in solo in their first cycles, and propelled clients can utilize it to do prohormone stacks.


Stanodrol is mostly known to give some low-center range gains if it keeps running in solo. Stanodrol won’t give you enormous outcomes, yet you can anticipate a decent increment of your quality, your aggression, and center in the exercise center. This is a generally excellent prohormone that advances fit mass additions while additionally lessening body fat levels. For increasing mass, you can expect around 5 muscular pounds of pure muscle from Stanodrol. For cutting and recomposition cycles, Stanodrol will diminish your bodyfat levels by specific focuses. Stanodrol is likewise the perfect prohormone to do prohormones stack as it gives a generally excellent lift in advancing lean mass increases and for cutting.

Stanodrol is anything but a methylated prohormone. In this manner, it’s not mandatory to take a liver help supplement or a full cycle bolster supplement, yet it’s still profoundly prescribed. On the off chance that you run Stanodrol in solo, you can go with an OTC PCT. However, it’s in every case better to do a proper post cycle treatment with SERMs.

  • At the finish of this article, you will discover a Stanodrol Prohormone Chart to run an appropriate cycle of this prohormone.


Stanodrol Prohormones are never again accessible available. We prescribe you to peruse our article about the best prohormones 2019.


Here are some significant insights concerning the Stanodrol prohormones. Have an inquiry or need assistance, forget about a remark.

Mainstream clones of Stanodrol: Stano-drop by Competitive Edge Labs, Stano by Elite Formulations, Stano-200 by LGI Supplements, Methyl Masterdrol v2 by LG Sciences

Classification of Stanodrol: 3-beta-hydroxyetioallocholan-17-one

Methylated Prohormone: No

Results/Gains of a Stanodrol Cycle: Ranging from 2-5 lbs of muscular muscle lbs (contingent upon your eating regimen) with a 6-7 weeks cycle.

Reactions of a Stanodrol Cycle: Low symptoms

Insurance required for a cycle of Stanodrol: Ideally, a liver help supplement or a full period bolster supplement, yet it’s not mandatory.

Post Cycle Therapy for a Stanodrol cycle: We prescribe to do a PCT with SERMs, or you can do an OTC PCT with appropriate items. On the off chance that you stack it, go with SERMs.

Measurement prescribed for the first cycle of Stanodrol :

Week 1-2-3-4: 200-300-400mg day by day * Week 5-6: 600mg day by day

The dose prescribed for a propelled cycle of Stanodrol :

Week 1-2: 400-450mg day by day * Week 3-4: 600mg day by day Week 5-6: 750-800-900mg day by day

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