December 8, 2021
chisel cardio

The Best Chisel Cardio Review – Ultimate Guide

Chisel Cardio Cardio Review – A Sweat Machine!


Harvest time proceeds with her furious and unrelentless nature in the present Chisel Cardio Review inside The Master’s Hammer and Chisel. Initially, Chisel Balance beat me senseless, however, at that point, she took it to another level with Chisel Cardio. In case you’re keen on seeing the full summary, look at the Hammer and Chisel Calendar for all moves.

However, we as a whole have objectives, isn’t that so? Also, we aren’t surrendering to any flopped New Year goals, so this statement consistently reminds me why I do what I do. On the off chance that you think Chisel Cardio or any Hammer and Chisel exercise is intense, recollect this:

So how about we get moving on the Chisel Cardio audit, beginning with my video survey and afterward some other extraordinary tips!

From the backers:

chisel cardio
chisel cardio

Chisel Cardio Review – Hammer and Chisel YouTube Video

Look at the present Chisel Cardio Review video from Coach Bob:

Prepared to get your Hammer and Chisel power going with Sweet Life Fitness? Snap the pennant underneath to get everything rolling!

Etch Cardio Review – Moves to Look Forward to!

I truly partook in The Master’s Hammer and Chisel – Chisel Cardio today. Try not to go into this exercise anticipating some kind of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) like INSANITY Max 30. All things being equal, it consolidates weight preparing close by of the cardio (fat consumes craziness!)

What Type of Equipment do you require for Chisel Cardio?

Very little – simply a seat (or floor), loads (I utilize an assortment 8s, 10s, 15s, the 20s, 25s, 40s), Chin-Up Bar (or obstruction groups), and the Chin-Up Max.

The Warm-Up

The Warm-Up in Chisel Cardio is equivalent to it is in all Chisel Workouts. Look at my Day #1 Review of H&C to perceive what’s really going on with the warm-up.

The Moves

The absolute first move welcomes you with an insane move utilizing a lighter weight!

Cycle 1 Chisel Cardio


In this move, you hold a lightweight and go over your seat. Look at my video above as you’ll see a review of me doing this specific move.


Next, you nail out pull-ups for 1 entire moment.

I have gone to and fro between utilizing a safe band and the draw-up bar. It’s totally your call simply ensure you are testing yourself!!

chisel cardio
chisel cardio

Hand weight Swing Chisel Cardio

This is the joke I make in the video above. Weighty up yet keep your structure on this move. It’s essentially similar to a Kettlebell Swing just with a free weight. As Autumn will specify in the exercise, utilize your glutes (otherwise known as BUTT) to deal with this move. Try not to utilize your back and don’t sprain at the top.

Insane 8s

The following move you do centers around your CORE and Abs! It’s an ideal opportunity to do the 8’s.

In this move, you take a hand weight (I for one utilized 15s) and you cycle them in an 8 move. I likewise thought it closely resembled I was paddling during the move as well.

BURPEES Chisel Cardio

Well sorry people, even is Chisel Cardio you can’t get away from the wicked burpee. For this specific variety, you go down into board, back up, and hop (rehash… once more… once more).


I love this movie, for the most part since it helps work my two difficult regions: Legs and Shoulders. I began to light on the grounds that the “pull” development can be very interesting, and I would prefer not to gobble anything up!

Look at it:

chisel cardio
chisel cardio

Lower arm PLANK KICK

In this move, you are essentially on the ground in the lower arm board position. In any case, during the short-lived move you kick your legs out (left then right). This one works the obliques and I must be straightforward this move truly was a bit extreme for me to work through. However, I will continue to work on it!!

Move forward KICK Chisel Cardio

This is the last movie of the FIRST round. You will utilize that dazzling seat once more, and this time you move forward (while holding a weight) and kick. Be exceptionally cautious with your balance on this move!

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