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The speed exercises are my top choice in T25 Speed 1.0. Shaun T picks music with a solid downbeat, so you can time your moves alongside the music. This includes a ton of coordination and pushes you to go at Shaun T’s speed. I’m additionally almost certain that Shaun T is the person who is talking in the foundation of the music. From time to time, I swear I hear him say, “time” or “center”, T25 Speed 1.0 is more about preparing you for the more troublesome speed exercises down the line, as opposed to pushing you as far as possible. For the initial 20 minutes of the exercise, you do an activity or two, trailed by an extending move. The most recent 10 minutes, be that as it may, are unadulterated damnation as it is all burnout and truly makes you center around your speed and perseverance.

The Exercises in T25 Speed 1.0

Exercise #1 T25 Speed 1.0– Jog It Out

  • Start with standard run.

Exercise #2 – Hop Turn

  • Go to one side. At that point bounce twice to go to your close to 180 degrees, and go into a slight squat. At that point jump, bounce, go to one side. So after every three beats, you ought to confront an alternate side. Carry the work to your obliques, as you turn.

Exercise #3 T25 Speed 1.0– Hop Hook

  • We are doing likewise move however we add a snare to the furthest limit of every pivot.

Exercise #4 T25 Speed 1.0– Hop Hook Squat

  • Same careful move, yet now go further into the squat on each snare.

Exercise #5 T25 Speed 1.0– Jog It Out

  • Back to simply a standard run.

Exercise #6 T25 Speed 1.0– Up + Over

  • Substitute bringing your knees up and dropping the foot down over the other one, and afterward back. In this way, when your correct knee is noticeable all around attempt to land the toe of the correct foot, in front and to one side, of the left foot. At that point bring it back up and drop it back down to the beginning position. At that point do it with the left leg. Keep the center tight all through the move.

Exercise #7 T25 Speed 1.0 – Quad Stretch

  • Snatch your left lower leg and arrange the knees for a snappy quad stretch. At that point rehash on the correct side.

Exercise #8 T25 Speed 1.0– Burpee + Alternating Front Kick

  • For the burpee drop to the cold earth and hop back to board (push-up) position. At that point bounce your feet in and hold up. At that point do a rotating front kick, with your elbows in close. Attempt to drive these kicks with the lower abs. After you kick with every leg return to the burpee. This is only a sample of what’s to come burpee insightful in T25 Speed 1.0.

Exercise #9 T25 Speed 1.0– Prayer Hands Knee Bend

  • Here we have another brisk extending break. Bring one leg off the ground and rest the lower leg close to the knee of the other leg, with the goal that your legs resemble the number 4. With your hands together in petition position, twist your knee and sink your butt down. Part of the way through we change to the opposite side. This move takes a ton of equilibrium, and as Shaun T says constantly in this program, ensure the toes of your supporting foot are spread for balance.

Exercise #10 T25 Speed 1.0– Side Hop Uppercut

  • Jump aside and uppercut across your body. At that point rehash on the opposite side. This move truly draws in your center.

Exercise #11 T25 Speed 1.0– Side Lunge Stretch

  • Here we just spread our legs out and jump side to side to extend our legs. Move up delayed toward the end.

Exercise #12 T25 Speed 1.0– Low Crossjack

  • The feet are getting over one another as you jack. So they start separated, at that point left grounds before right, at that point separated once more, at that point right terrains before left, and rehash. While the feet are doing that, the arms are bowed before you, so your elbows are out to your side. Your hands are in clenched hands and each time your comparing arm is on top. You at that point pull them separate and switch, which arm is on top.

Exercise #13 T25 Speed 1.0– Hip Flexor Hold

  • This is an essential hip flexor stretch, where we are in a rush situation with the back leg straight, pushed behind you. We switch sides partially through.

Exercise #14 T25 Speed 1.0 – Zigzag Hop

  • With your feet near one another bounce right, left, right, left. At that point bring your correct knee up and afterward your left, and rehash everything.

Exercise #15 T25 Speed 1.0 – Control Knee Hold

  • Another extending break here. Snatch one knee with two hands and hold it up. We substitute and do 2 for every side.

Exercise #16 T25 Speed 1.0– Squat Thrust + Crisscross

  • Start in a squat situation with your arms crossed before your body. At that point bounce forward and push by driving your hips forward, and your arms separated and back. At that point squat again and cross your hands once more. Presently we bungle, by bouncing the feet simply as we did in the crossjack. Directly before left, at that point separated, at that point left before right, at that point separated, at that point directly before left and separated, at that point left before left and separated. Presently we return into the squat push part yet jump forward rather than back. Continue rehashing the move shifting back and forth among forward and back, so you are fundamentally consistently similarly situated.

Exercise #17 T25 Speed 1.0– Leg Crossover Stretch

  • Cross one foot before the other and twist down with a level back. Move up gradually and change to the opposite side. Make a point to move up gradually toward the end.

Exercise #18 T25 Speed 1.0– Heisman Crossword

This resembles the 1,2,3 Heisman from Insanity with the exception of we are currently moving in 4 ways. So step twice to one side and Heisman, by carrying your correct knee to your chest. At that point rehash moving right. At that point step in reverse twice and carry your correct knee to the chest and afterward rehash pushing ahead. Whichever leg ventures out, inverse knee ought to do the Heisman. So that in every crossword every leg comes up twice.

Exercise #19 T25 Speed 1.0– Heisman Crossword + Clap

  • We are doing likewise move, with the exception of now as we step our hands are over our head and they go under our knee during the Heisman. You must choose the option to get your knees up high at this point.

Exercise #20 T25 Speed 1.0– Flat Back Roll Up

  • Breathe in your arms up and afterward breathe out into a level backstretch, carrying your hands as near the floor as you can. You rehash a few times.

Exercise #21 T25 Speed 1.0– Crisscross Hop

  • Here we are simply taking the Crisscross from previously and adding a bounce. So directly over left then separated and afterward a little bounce. At that point rehash with leftover right and bounce. You are making an effort not to get genuine air here, simply push the bundles of your feet of the ground.

Exercise #22 T25 Speed 1.0 – Crisscross Hop + Half-Tuck Jump

  • Same move aside from we hop somewhat higher and twist the knees a little too. Your hands should hit your thighs, on every Half-Tuck Jump. However, again these are not ordinary Tuck Jumps so you are not going for max air.

Exercise #23 T25 Speed 1.0– Hip Flexor Calf Stretch

  • Same hip flexor stretch we did before, however push it back into the calf more. Part of the way through switch sides.

Exercise #24 T25 Speed 1.0– Slow Quick Jab Combo

  • Hit twice to one side across, turn your left foot in so that you are punching across your body. At that point punch twice to one side. After that drop into a crouch accomplishes snappy pokes, exchanging your hands. At that point return up and rehash.

Exercise #25 T25 Speed 1.0– Chest Opener Stretch

  • Interlock your hands before you and round your back, to loosen up the lower back. At that point interlock your hands behind you and loosen up your chest.
t25 speed 1.0
t25 speed 1.0

The Burnout: T25 Speed 1.0

Presently we are rehashing a portion of the moves, yet move as quickly as possible to get the heart rate up. This burnout keeps going around 9 minutes so get your brain right.

  • Up + Over
  • Burpee + Alternating Front Kick
  • Side Hop Uppercut
  • Low Crossjack
  • Crisscross Hop
  • Squat Thrust + Crisscross
  • Heisman Crossword
  • Heisman Crossword + Clap
  • Jumble Hop
  • Jumble Half-Tuck Jump
  • Moderate Quick Jab Combo

Exercise #26 T25 Speed 1.0 – Stretch + Stability

  • Breathe in your arms up. Go down with a level back to the floor. At that point hop back to a board position. Push once more into descending canine. At that point return to the board and bounce up with wide feet. Stand up and rehash this, we do a sum of 3.

Cooldown T25 Speed 1.0

Just after the principle brief exercise, there is an extra cooldown, which is a similar definite thing as the one from Alpha Cardio. The cooldown comprises of some quite simple extending for the most part for the legs. I enthusiastically suggest doing the cooldown after every exercise, since it is consistently a smart thought to extend after an exercise this way, to prepare you for the following one.

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