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The Review – Planet Fitness Reviews What You Need To Know

There’s a ton to like about Planet Fitness Reviews.

The greatest thing? It’s truly modest!

PF is perhaps the most financial plan well disposed exercise centers you might actually join, and far and away superior, there is by all accounts one everywhere in each city the nation over.

In case you’re staying thrifty, however prepared to put a tad into your wellness, you may be pondering:

Is planet fitness reviews awesome? Here’s my audit:

Planet fitness reviews – is awesome in case you’re searching for a modest and helpful spot to get in some cardio exercises and utilize essential opposition machines. They are (typically) open 24 hours and totally loaded with a bounty of cardio machines.

In case you’re searching for additional conveniences or plan to do any genuine weight lifting, I wouldn’t suggest joining Planet Fitness.

(I’ll offer some great elective choices toward the end.)

Presently how about we take a tad of a more critical gander at the expenses and conveniences, in addition to the advantages and disadvantages, of joining planet fitness reviews.

(To save a ton of time and cash, consider working out at home with assistance from an application like Beachbody on Demand. Attempt it free for 14 days and get many exercise programs you can do in your front room with basically no hardware.)

What amount does Planet Fitness cost?

A many individuals wind up exploring Planet Fitness and eventually joining on the grounds that the participation estimating is ridiculously low.

An essential no responsibility participation to Planet Fitness will cost around $10 each month (however PF is an establishment and any one area may decide to charge somewhat more or may run extraordinary advancements every once in a while for considerably less expensive).

Your fundamental enrollment gets you:

  • Admittance to one single area (called your “Home Club”)
  • Wellness preparing
  • Also, free WiFi

In the event that you like the Planet Fitness vibe, yet need somewhat more value for your money, you can jump on the Planet Fitness Black Card enrollment for about $21.99 each month.

The Black Card gives you:

Admittance to all planet fitness reviews areas from one side of the country to the other

  • Limitless visitor passes
  • Admittance to tanning beds
  • Hydromassage
  • Back rub Chairs
  • 1/2 value drinks

Furthermore, a rebate on Reebok items

(We’ll make a plunge somewhat more profound to every one of these advantages and conveniences underneath).

The yearly participation expense at Planet Fitness is around $39 each year, and there’s frequently a sign-up charge of around $29.

(Despite the fact that you ought to arrange these charges are hard as could really be expected, snap to peruse my guide.)

So for the most essential planet fitness reviews enrollment, you’ll wind up paying about $188 each year, or $332 each year for Black Card advantages.

This is significantly below the business normal. At most business exercise centers, you can hope to pay upwards of $30-40 every month in addition to yearly charges for a fundamental enrollment.

On cost alone, planet fitness reviews is the best arrangement around.

Planet Fitness gear, highlights and conveniences

Alright, so we know it’s modest.

Presently what?

We should investigate what Planet Fitness has to bring to the table.


Planet Fitness is most popular as a goliath purple and yellow cardo stockroom.

You’ll discover tons and huge loads of treadmills, step machines, ellipticals, and bicycles. As should be obvious!

You’ll additionally for the most part see a very decent circuit of opposition machines like:

Abdominal muscle machines

  • Pec dec
  • Chest press
  • Bicep twist machine
  • Leg press
  • Smith machines

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg

At one Planet Fitness area I visited, they even had around 5 distinctive stomach muscle machines set up in one territory with guidelines on the most proficient method to execute a short stomach muscle impacting circuit.

Pretty cool!

What you will not discover is much in the method of weightlifting hardware.

No free weights, Olympic loads, or free squat racks.

Most Planet Fitness areas don’t permit deadlifting, or even some other hefty compound developments like overhead press (indeed, truly).

Planet Fitness has hand weights, however they frequently simply go up to around 50 pounds or something like that (however every area is unique).

Dark Card benefits and conveniences

The essential participation gets you in the entryway and gives you every minute of every day admittance to the entirety of the exercise gear.

Be that as it may, there’s somewhat more going on behind the restricted “Dark Card individuals just” region, including:

Tanning beds – Get a little shading any time you need, with limitless access

Hydro and customary back rub seats – Take a heap off after your exercise with a machine-actuated rubdown

Absolute Body Enhancement – Access a red light treatment machine that apparently encourages you consume fat, support disposition, and experience quicker muscle acquire

Different conveniences

Planet Fitness likewise normally has a bar with cool beverages (water, Gatorade, pre-exercises, and so forth), and they as often as possible offer free pizza evenings and additionally bagels toward the beginning of the day.

You’ll likewise normally locate a basically kept up storage space with showers, however your mileage may shift contingent upon area.

Planet Fitness offers individual preparing, however it’s essentially a representative that strolls around and shows you how the machines work. Despite the fact that a few areas do offer marginally more powerful classes, it’s nothing comparable to what you’ll discover at other box rec centers.

Planet Fitness never has a pool, hot tub, or sauna zone.

What genuine individuals are saying (Planet Fitness surveys, aces and cons)

So is Planet Fitness awesome?

That is difficult for me to respond in due order regarding you, explicitly.

I’ve worked out at Planet Fitness a couple of times and have perused in a real sense many client audits of many diverse PF areas around the country, and here are my general discoveries.


Truly modest and financially savvy

You will not discover a rec center enrollment less expensive than $10 each month, you just will not.

There are a couple of other spending contenders, which we’ll get to, yet Planet Fitness truly is the least expensive completely supplied rec center around.

Back rub and tanning

Most rec centers don’t have this stuff.

It’s not for everybody, but rather in case you’re into tanning beds and additionally snatching a back rub seat meeting after your exercises, you’ll totally adore the accommodation here.

(However, to get access, you need to purchase a pricier enrollment).

No weight lifting

I realize it’s odd that I have this under Pros (it will likewise be under Cons), however a many individuals scorn the “doofus” weightlifting society and need to keep those individuals out of the rec center totally.

At PF, you will not hear loads hammering down, fellows snorting, or see muscle-heads strolling around scaring individuals.

In case you’re searching for a “judgment free zone” and a novice agreeable vibe, PF may be for you.


No weight lifting

In case you’re hoping to develop fortitude and muscle, you’ll disdain Planet Fitness.

Indeed, they have hand weights and obstruction machines, however you’ll be dreadfully restricted in what you can do, and on the off chance that you begin lifting weighty, you’ll most likely get requested to leave.

Best conveniences cost extra

The tanning, back rub, and visitor passes are quite cool advantages, yet in case you will jump on those, you can stand to go to a more pleasant exercise center.

On the off chance that you remove the Black Card conveniences, Planet Fitness is essentially a stockroom of treadmills and other cardio machines.

It’s ideal for a few, however a large portion of us will rapidly need to graduate to various types of exercises.

No classes

Gathering wellness classes are an amazing advantage all things considered exercise centers, and the way that you don’t get them here is somewhat of a bummer.

Indeed, PF will put on a couple of too fundamental circuit classes, and they’ll have a representative tell you the best way to utilize the machines, however there’s no yoga, Zumba, bootcamp, pilates, or anything like that.

Stripping these conveniences away is the way they hold the cost down, yet it unquestionably implies there are better choices out there.

Modest options in contrast to Planet Fitness reviews

They’re somewhat harder to discover, yet on the off chance that you need something that is only a little advance up from Planet Fitness (yet spending plan amicable), look at Crunch Fitness.

Crunch is an incredible option in contrast to Planet Fitness that offers:

A pool (now and then)

Exercise classes

What’s more, childcare

You’ll presumably need to jump on the mid-level participation to gain admittance to these conveniences, which ought to be around $20 each month, yet I think it looks at well to the Planet Fitness Black Card at that cost!

In case you’re charmed, look at my full manual for Crunch versus Planet Fitness.

What’s more, in case you’re willing to pay in the scope of $30-40 every month, look at LA Fitness.

LA Fitness has essentially all that anybody could need, including a lot of cardio AND weightlifting hardware, classes, pools, childcare, and so forth

Wrapping Up – planet fitness reviews

So is Planet Fitness awesome? Well…

In case you’re searching for truly modest and advantageous admittance to cardio gear, or if out of the blue you simply HAVE to package tanning and back rub in with your rec center enrollment, at that point Planet Fitness will be an incredible fit for you.

For a great many people, however, I think there are better choices out there at comparable value focuses.

For a couple of bucks extra each month, you can gain admittance to more conveniences and better hardware at places like Crunch or LA Fitness.

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