Mike Rashid

Mike Rashid is a power jock, creator, business visionary, previous fighter, and online wellness master from the United States. Close by being the proprietor of a famous exercise center in Miami, Mike likewise runs his enhancement and dress line, which has seen a ton of progress since he began it.

Growing up, Mike became associated with working out from the beginning because of his dad. “My dad had my siblings and me hacking wood, swimming, running in sand, climbing, doing pull-ups, and so on. I had my first fight at age 12,” says Mike.

Mike’s advantage in boxing became increasingly big as he came into his youngsters – to the point that he turned into an expert fighter, winning the National Golden Gloves grant in two events.

As Mike got into his late 20s, he continuously changed to wellness and power-working out, turning into a WBFF Pro, later beginning his wellness video channel. In his recordings, Mike would share his insight on wellness, otherworldliness, and business venture. Close by including other wellness masters and stars like CT Fletcher, Dana Linn Bailey, and Kai Greene.

“I never had any aim on contending; somebody suggested I do a show fourteen days before it. I acknowledged the demand, and it worked out positively; I loved it, so I continued to make it happen.”

Competitor Statistics

Complete Name: Mike Rashid


  • 215 – 225lbs (93.0 – 102.1kg) 5’11” (180cm) 40 March 14, 1982


  • American Boxer, Professional Bodybuilder, Author, Entrepreneur, Actor 2010, 2000

“Since I’ve begun rehearsing care, my life has been unique. Hate to sound sensational however it’s valid. Assuming I miss days, I truly feel it. I feel I’m vibrating on higher frequencies. I suggest it. Stress turns out to be less distressing. Individuals appear to move in sluggish movement. I feel much more mindful. Life simply generally feels more lovely. Attempt it. Or then again, don’t.”


  • 2x National Golden Gloves Winner
  • WBFF Pro Power BodyBuilder

Contests Mike Rashid

  • 2013 WBFF Worlds Las Vegas, seventh.
  • 2011 EPFNB Michigan Challenge Of Grand Rapids, sixth.
  • 2011 NPC Michigan Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini and Physique Championships, seventh.
  • 2010 NPC Flint/Mid-Michigan Natural Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships, first.
  • 2008 NGA Great Lakes Natural Championships, second.

Amazing accomplishments

Deadlift – 635
Squat – 585
Seat Press – 475

Preparing Mike Rashid

Consolidating Strength and Endurance

As a previous fighter, Mike’s objective in wellness is to remain solid, sturdy, and practical over an extensive period.

According to Mike, keeping up with strength and perseverance simultaneously can be troublesome. Nonetheless, he enjoys difficulties, so he gives his all to keep the two parts of his wellness at their most elevated.

For strength and size, Mike uses weighty compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, and seat presses.

These are the premise of his preparation program. Different activities, like separations, have their place in Mike’s exercises. However, they aren’t used much.

Powerlifting Tips Mike Rashid

“I feel squats are the establishment for any competitor, in any game. I like to consolidate powerlifting standards in advancing to maximum exertion for a brain reaction which means strength. Anyway, I like to advance with lifting weights styled rep ranges which extends cells meaning bigger muscles. After which I enact that inward competitor to do any kind of insane wear out or drop set which mean awesomeness.”

For usefulness and perseverance, Mike does things like weighty tire flips, competing, battle preparing, running in nature, and so on.

Mike Rashid
Mike Rashid

This not just assists Mike with his perseverance and adaptability. However, it likewise serves him as cardio, being great for fat misfortune and cardiovascular wellbeing.

Mike Rashid’s Shoulder Workout

While Mike frequently stirs his exercises up, he keeps a few things the equivalent. For example, beginning with a weighty compound development which, for this situation, can be either standing hand weight press or standing hand weight press. His shoulders are worked the most during this activity.

Later in the exercise, when he performs other shoulder works, Mike shines on high reps and light loads – maximally depleting the muscle and accomplishing the ideal siphon.

This is the way it looks;

Standing Barbell Military (or severe press), seven arrangements of moderate expansion in weight until the fifth set, then decrease the load on the last two sets. Reps: 20, 20, 15, 6, 2, max reps, max reps.

Free weight Upright Row/Supersetted with Resistance Band Row, five arrangements of moderate expansion in weight until the fourth set, then, at that point, diminishing the weight fundamentally a the fifth set. Reps: 20, 20, 20, 20, max reps.
Side Delt Raises, four arrangements of 30, 30, 30, 30 reps.
Shoulder Shrug (traps)/Supersetted with Reverse Flye (back delts), four arrangements of 20, 20, 20, 20 reps.

Saunas and Meditation Mike Rashid

Mike consistently visits saunas to detoxify his body. He additionally ponders frequently, accepting that care is the way to bring down the pressure.

Connecting this to wellness and lifting weights, Mike referenced less pressure implies less cortisol, a chemical that can be catabolic. The less cortisol there is in his body, the more bulk he’ll hold.


Mike’s eating regimen has changed fundamentally throughout the long term. At the point when he contended, he ate like some other serious weight lifter – polishing off lean and nutritious food varieties, alongside drinking a great deal of water and taking vital enhancements.

One Meal daily Approach:

Nonetheless, Mike has, now and again, changed his methodology to what might appear ‘crazy’ to many.

Mike has tried different things with eating one time each day, with insignificant admission of creature protein. Along these lines, he gets every one of his day-to-day calories in a single dinner, which comprises a ton of solid fats and plant-based protein.

According to Mike, he dropped his weight from 240 to 225 pounds along these lines and lost no strength or muscle – just fat.

Instinctual Eating:

Aside from his ‘extremist’ ways of dealing with eating fewer carbs, Mike is a lot of a fair individual, both throughout everyday life and with regards to slimming down.

He frequently considers his eating system a useful undertaking instead of something he needs to screen intently regularly.

He does this by lessening handled food sources and making sound, ‘entire food’ decisions however much as could reasonably be expected. Along these lines, Mike remains focused throughout the entire year.

Mike’s Advice On Diet

Mike is discussing his eating regimen; “I need to drop much more weight. My solidarity is as yet unchanged; been losing fat, not muscle. The less you eat, the more obviously you think. Our precursors several times each week if fortunate. Food is the main executioner in the United States. Coronary illness from indulging some unacceptable things. ‘Let thy food be thy medication’.” – Mike Rashid

Supplements Stack of Mike Rashid

Mike just takes a plant-based protein, green superfood mix supplement, and here and there BCAAs.

Symbols and Influences

At the point when asked who is his primary motivation throughout everyday life, Mike essentially said, “My dad. A total Alpha Male. A monitors man. Genuine, focused, solid, and delicate.”

Other than being areas of strength for a model figure in Mike’s life, his dad likewise assisted him with building a strong starting point for his excursion in wellness and business venture.

“Truly, what’s it worth if your abs just several days? From what I’ve seen during my short time frame in this “wellness industry,” a considerable lot of these “wellness” people aren’t fit. For some’s purposes, having abs is a consequence of being malnourished.

Mike Rashid
Mike Rashid

On the off chance that you are a piece of this industry, attempt to be fit and solid. On the off chance that your being solid doesn’t permit you to be the most destroyed individual on earth, then so be it. I feel this fixation on being “destroyed” is intellectually undesirable. Some need to accomplish such a great deal for this transitory look, they put on weight later and get discouraged.”

What we can gain from Mike Rashid

Mike Rashid is somebody who might constantly take the harder, less packed course if he needed to decide.

He trusts that by picking distress over solace, he develops his personality and fortitude throughout everyday life, eventually making him a more joyful individual.

Picking the more troublesome way is something you also ought to do, because it won’t just make you more grounded, yet it’ll likewise cause you to see the value in your triumphs significantly more.

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