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matus valent workout routine

The Best Matus Valent Workout Routine Review – Ultimate Guide

Matus Valent Workout Routine is a wellness model, supported competitor, and business visionary who lives in Los Angeles. Following a profession taking action from his local Slovakia, Matus has drawn in a great deal of consideration as a global cover model – known for his clear-cut abs and chest.

Notwithstanding the phenomenal constitution he shows today, demonstrating wasn’t so much of an interest for him growing up. His first love was really volleyball, which he played to an undeniable level for very nearly 10 years while lifting loads in his dad’s “private in-your-face cellar rec center”.

It was this time working out with his father, that roused Matus to make a stylish build deserving of the American magazines. He ventured out to the US, working for $6 an hour to pay for his exercise center charges and living expenses, however never neglecting to focus on his wellness displaying objective. In the end, this devotion paid off. He got basic approval from scouts and looked for some kind of employment with top worldwide magazines.

This is his story: Matus Valent Workout Routine

  • Competitor Statistics
  • Complete Name: Matus Valent
  • 185 – 195lbs (83.9 – 88.5kg) 6’3″ (190.5cm) 1981 Slovakian


matus valent workout routine
matus valent workout routine


“Consistency and commitment are presumably the main components in accomplishing the fantasy body you need.”


  • Worldwide wellness model
  • Experts in actual schooling and game
  • first spot at Model America 2006
  • third spot at Model Universe 2006


Beginning Matus Valent Workout Routine

Matus’ first illustrations in weight-lifting procedure came from his musclehead father in Slovakia. His father fabricated a private exercise center in the cellar of their family home, sitting for quite a long time with Matus showing him the fundamentals.

In light of this solid information base, Matus Valent Workout Routine doesn’t really accept that he committed any errors in his preparation as an amateur. All things being equal, he did honestly discover the learning system troublesome now and again, saying “Matus Valent Workout Routine out is a course of learning and knowing your body better with time”.

This steady learning measure in the most natural-sounding way for him has shown him a great deal. He says that he has been preparing practically the same way since he went to the US; he accepts that assuming a standard gives results, there is not a good excuse to transform it.

Schedule Matus Valent Workout Routine

  • His present week by week schedule resembles this:


  • Level hand weight seat press (8 sets)
  • Sled strength level press (4 sets)
  • Pec-deck (5 sets)
  • Plunges (4 sets)
  • Link hybrids (5 sets)
  • Smith machine slant hand weight press (5 sets)
  • Abs (16 sets)


  • Situated free weight evangelist twists (5 sets)
  • Scott seat machine twists (5 sets)
  • Standing EZ free weight twists (4 sets)
  • Situated free weight hammer twists (4 sets)
  • Abs (16 sets)


  • Smith machine squats (7 sets)
  • Leg expansion (8 sets)
  • Leg twists (5 sets)
  • Leg press (4 sets)
  • Standing machine calves raises (5 sets)
  • Situated calves raises (5 sets)
  • Abs (16 sets)


  • Pull-ups (4 sets)
  • Ski lift twisted around lines (4 sets)
  • Link pulldowns wide grasp (5 sets)
  • Situated link lines (4 sets)
  • Link pull-downs close grasp (3 sets)
  • Twisted around sidelong free weight raises (3 sets)
  • Situated machine lines (4 sets)
  • Hyper expansions (3 sets)
  • Shrugs (3 sets)
  • Abs (16 sets)


  • Limited (close) grasp seat press (5 sets)
  • Rear arm muscles link pull-downs super-setting with plunges (5 sets)
  • One arm invert link pulldowns (5 sets)
  • Rear arm muscles (rope) link pulldowns (3 sets)
  • Abs (16 sets)


  • Level seat crunches with weight (3 sets)
  • Level seat leg raises (3 sets)
  • Crunch machine (3 sets)
  • Stooping turn machine (4 sets)
  • Roman seat leg raises (3 sets)
  • Abs (16 sets)


  • Rest

Free Weights versus Machines

Matus says that he favors machines to loads. He says he regularly prepares his chest with 31 sets in a single meeting, so he knows through training that the machine offers him a more steady development. At the point when he utilizes freeloads, he consolidates them into his bicep, rear arm muscle, and shoulder exercises.

Matus additionally values his hard-working attitude and the enormous measure of sets he finishes for specific body parts. On periodic arm days, he can finish 16 sets for biceps and one more 16 arrangements of abs; he says this is the reason he is in the exercise center for two and half hours most days.

Most loved Exercises Matus Valent Workout Routine

Matus loves the level seat press as he trusts it is the “main exercise to construct an incredible chest”. He says he “fell in the affection” with the activity when he saw his dad doing it in their cellar rec center.

Likewise, he has consistently cherished Dips since a youthful age. He sees the rear arm muscle plunge as vital as possible “foster definition and assault muscles which different activities can’t invigorate also”.

matus valent workout routine
matus valent workout routine


As Matus’ exercises are 2-3 hours in length, he accepts he is consuming enough calories while lifting loads so doesn’t have to finish cardio. At the point when he is contending in any case, he finished Elliptical exercises for 40 minutes of the week.

“The entire thought of wellness and working out is to make it your way of life, something you feel and need to do practically consistently, to see the outcomes, to be spurred, and to attempt to improve.”


Smart dieting

As a wellness model, Matus likes to remain incline lasting through the year. He eats an exceptionally sound eating routine – centering his supper decisions around his full-scale supplement needs for every day. He likewise eats more modest dinners spread for the duration of the day to guarantee he has a constant flow of protein and carbs. A supper plan model is underneath:

  • Feast 1: 3 cuts of Wheat Toast, 6 Egg Whites and 2 Yolks and a glass of Whole Milk
  • Feast 2: Protein Shake with Whole Milk
  • Feast 3: Grilled Chicken Breasts and White Rice
  • Feast 4: One Banana and Low Carb Yogurt (Pre-workout)
  • Feast 5: Protein Shake with Whole Milk (Postworkout)
  • Feast 6: (Night Time) Steak, Salmon, Toast, and Sardines, Low Sodium Cottage Cheese or Pasta

Contest Diet

At the point when Matus has photograph shoots or contests, he begins to control his carb consumption. He endures 3-4 days with basically no carbs by any means, then, at that point, has 1-2 days without sodium. He additionally lessens his calorie consumption, zeroing in on eating simply chicken bosom, red meat, egg white, and nuts.

Enhancements Matus Valent Workout Routine

Matus utilizes supplements vigorously, depending on them for his pre-exercise jolt of energy just as his dietary requirements. At the point when he is contending, he utilizes fat killers vigorously and adds water pills, for example, Dandelion root, Uva Ursi, Diurex which helps him “dry out” and look as conditioned as could be expected.

Matus’ typical stack is underneath: Matus Valent Workout Routine

  • Pre-exercise drink,
  • Nitric oxide,
  • Testosterone sponsor,
  • Beta-alanine,
  • Glutamine,
  • Fluid aminos
  • Whey Protein
  • Beta aniline

“Every last bit of it is in your mind, assuming you need to see improvement and have a decent outlook on yourself you need to remain predictable.”

Icons and Influences

Matus appreciates driven competitors. He says he gets a kick out of the chance to watch people who are centered around their game “150%”. Among his number one competitors are Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, and Usain Bolt.

As far as muscle heads, his top picks are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Ronnie Coleman, Markus Ruhl, and Phil Heath. He was especially dazzled by Phil’s triumph in the Mr. Olympia contest in 2011.

matus valent workout routine
matus valent workout routine

What we can gain from Matus Valent

Matus Valent’s battle to live in Los Angeles while pursuing his fantasy is an example to us all. The torn bodies we see on our #1 magazines, were regularly worked through numerous long stretches of amazingly difficult work and penance. In the event that you truly need a constitution like Matus’, be ready to buckle down in the rec center.

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