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La Fitness vs Planet Fitness there’s anything harder than getting fit as a fiddle, it may very well pick which rec center to go.

There are handfuls and many of them! What’s more, they’re all unique!

They have various formats, different hardware, multiple advantages, and distinctive estimating models.

Fortunately, our natural area can make it somewhat simpler to pick an exercise center. Chances are in case you’re here; you’re attempting to settle on a few rec centers close to your home or work environment.

Also, I’m here to help. Not by going myself yet by pouring through Internet surveys, so you don’t need to.

First up in our Gym Comparison Series: La Fitness vs Planet Fitness.

What is Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is ease, “comfort exercise center,” based out of New Hampshire. It established in 1992 and now has more than 1,000 areas through the U.S.

Significantly, Planet Fitness is an establishment so that every area might be somewhat not quite the same as the following one. It’s known for its beautiful purple and yellow shading plan and its late-night hours.

What is LA Fitness?

LA Fitness has been around since 1984, and with a more excellent offering of pleasantries, likes to consider itself a “gym” and not only an exercise center.

There are more than 800 LA Fitness areas all through the U.S. furthermore, Canada, and the private organization is best known for its clean and open exercise spaces.


Okay, we should get down to it. Who wins on expense?

LA Fitness: People on Reddit compose that you’re at times ready to deal and consult with the people at LA Fitness.

Be that as it may, regardless their standard rate is a $100 inception charge then $30-35 every month (to go to any LA Fitness). Or $25.99 every month (for a solitary club enrollment).

Planet Fitness: Planet Fitness offers a few enrollment levels.

  • First is their standard one-club enrollment. Additionally, have a one-club no-dedication registration (which means you pay somewhat more for the benefit of having the option to drop whenever).
  • At that point, there’s their “dark card” all-club participation. In the same way as other rec centers, singular Planet Fitness establishments can value their arrangements somewhat better.
  • I hope to pay around $10 per month for one-club get to, $15 per month for one-club with no agreement, and $20 every month for all-club get. Startup expenses likewise differ incredibly; however, it can be somewhere in the range of $1 and $39.00.
  • No matter how you might look at it, Planet Fitness is positively more affordable than LA Fitness. Be that as it may, is it a superior worth?


  • LA Fitness: Hours at LA Fitness fluctuate enormously by area, yet my examination demonstrates that most LA Fitness. Exercise centers open at about 5 am and close somewhere in the range of 10 and 11 pm.
  • Planet Fitness: A vast dominant part of Planet Fitness areas are open 24 hours, yet check your neighborhood exercise center no doubt.
  • That settles it. In case you’re a whole night owl, you’ll unquestionably burrow having the opportunity to exercise at Planet Fitness at 3 am.

In any case, we’re only beginning.


LA Fitness: These folks have everything, including vast decks of cardio machines, freeloads, control racks, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The site even brags more than 21,000 pounds of freeloads for each club.

Planet Fitness: Notoriously has practically no freeloads area, hand weights, or power racks.

Some will have a Smith machine, and they generally offer. Hand weight rack (however loads of individuals note the free weights at Planet Fitness regularly go up to 50lbs or something like that).

In any case, Planet Fitness is outstanding for being, for the most part, ruled via cardio machines. May remain perfect concerning yourself! Be that as it may, in case you’re into overwhelming iron, Planet Fitness most likely won’t be an incredible fit.


LA Fitness: Again, these folks have everything. Hip twirling, Cycle, Boot camp, move, kickbox cardio, yoga and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. All free for individuals.

Planet Fitness: Offers one gathering class, called PE@PF. As indicated by a Planet Fitness Facebook post: “The PE@PF program, in which our mentor works with little gatherings of 5 individuals or less, exhibits how to fortify and condition the different muscle gatherings.

These 30-minute classes spread individual zones, for example, arms, shoulder, back, legs, chest, and abs, and are incredible for individuals getting once more into working out!

  • Pool/Spa Area
  • LA Fitness: Most areas have an indoor pool and spa or sauna territory.
  • Planet Fitness: Does not have pools, steam rooms, or saunas in any of its areas.


LA Fitness and Planet Fitness both offer showers in the storage space territory. Whoopee neatness!


LA Fitness: Has a childcare alternative called Kids Klub for a little additional expense. Like most exercise center childcare focuses, you can’t have your kid there for beyond what 2 hours and you can’t leave the rec center.

Planet Fitness: Does not have childcare in any of its areas.

The Verdict

Planet Fitness may be less expensive, yet LA Fitness offers the general better esteem.

In any case, it’s absolutely up to you, and every rec center has its benefits.

You may lean toward Planet Fitness IF:

  • You’re new to working out
  • You’re, for the most part, intrigued by cardio.
  • You’re on a strict spending plan.
  • You’re modest and truly burrow the “judgment-free” vibe.
  • You would prefer not to be around brothers lifting overwhelming loads.
  • You truly like the shading purple.
  • You may lean toward LA Fitness IF:
  • You need childcare at your exercise center
  • You like to lift overwhelming loads.
  • You’re into gathering wellness classes.
  • A pool and sauna region is an unquestionable requirement
  • You truly detest purple.

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