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Derek Lunsford Overview – Ultimate Guide – Sporting Beginnings

Derek Lunsford, a.k.a. MrUsa2017, set up an enthusiasm for wellness at an early age. Since the time he was a young man, he flourished in a cutthroat climate – becoming famous as an imposing grappler and soccer player all through his time in secondary school.

Nonetheless, Derek Lunsford wellness venture took an alternate bearing after leaving secondary school. During his time at school, wrestling wasn’t a game that was on the plan where Derek examined. Regardless of this, Derek Lunsford was resolved to proceed with his longing for a functioning way of life. It was now, he found weight preparing.

From the outset, Derek neglected to gain ground, however, that all changed when he met his fitness coach James Brown, who started to direct Derek on the correct way. Soon after this, Derek Lunsford went over lifting weights symbols like Jay Cutler and Phil Heath. Roused by their extraordinary bodies, Derek was resolved to fabricate one of his own – very much like his objects of worship.

Because of his solidarity and assurance, he’s procured a good outcome on the weight training stage – building a marvelous physical make-up all the while. By 2017, he arrived at his pinnacle – procuring his IFBB Pro Card in the NPC USA Championships – offering him the opportunity to arrive at new statures in his weight training profession.

This is Derek Lunsford story.

Competitor Statistics

Complete Name: Derek Lunsford


205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg) 5’6″ (167.5cm) 1993 American


IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, Sponsored Athlete 2010


Vocation Achievements

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

Supported Athlete

Rivalry History


IFBB Mr. Olympia: 212 Class – fifth spot

IFBB Tampa Pro: 212 Class – first spot

NPC USA Championships: Men’s Light Heavyweight – first spot


Derek Lunsford

NPC USA Championships: Men’s Middleweight – second spot

NPC Junior Nationals: Men’s Middleweight – first spot


NPC Junior Nationals: Men’s Welterweight – first spot

NPC Indianapolis Championship: Men’s Open Welterweight – first spot


Derek Lunsford Sporting Beginnings

Brought up in Petersburg, Indiana, Derek Lunsford framed the establishment for a functioning way of life all through his childhood. As a kid, Derek had an athletic foundation, where he consistently participated in aggressive games like wrestling and soccer during his days in secondary school.

Be that as it may, Derek Lunsford said farewell to his days partaking in wrestling, as the school he decided to go to didn’t offer the game. Subsequently, his excursion in wellness started to take an alternate course. It was now, Derek directed his concentration toward the load’s room all things considered.

Over time in school, Derek Lunsford started preparing in the exercise center consistently, intending to expand upon the strength and perseverance he acquired as a grappler. Nonetheless, he at first neglected to gain ground in his mission to fabricate fit muscle. This was all down to an absence of direction with his preparation, alongside helpless information on nourishment.

However, then, at that point one day, that all started to change. This is when Derek Lunsford met his fitness coach James Brown, who showed Derek all he required to know to arrive at his wellness objectives. From that point on, Derek Lunsford freshly discovered wellness information saw him make improvements at a high speed.

Gaining ground

Derek Lunsford diligent effort and consistency when preparing in the exercise center permitted him to gain impressive headway very quickly. Simultaneously, Derek Lunsford began to expand upon the athletic physical make-up he procured by participating in wrestling.

Nonetheless, Derek Lunsford energy for working out was made a stride further when he watched a persuasive YouTube video about muscle heads. Enlivened by the inconceivable physical make-ups of huge name weight lifters, for example, Phil Heath and Jay Cutler, Derek set off to acquire an incredible build – actually like his working out icons.

After rapidly advancing in the load’s room, Derek Lunsford went to the acknowledgment that he needed to continue in the strides of his wellness symbols. From that point on, Derek Lunsford put his focus on arriving at the lifting weights stage.

Derek Lunsford

Contending as a Bodybuilder

Derek Lunsford first serious appearance came in 2015. He partook in the NPC Indianapolis Championship, completing in the first spot in the Men’s Open Welterweight classification.

From this second ahead, Derek Lunsford cutthroat working out profession started to come to fruition. Due to his phenomenal presentation, Derek Lunsford continued pushing forward, anxious to reproduce his amazing exhibition in his next rivalry.

Showing up in the 2015 NPC Junior Nationals in the Men’s Welterweight classification, Derek Lunsford raged to first place – demonstrating that he had huge potential on the lifting weights stage.

By 2017, Derek Lunsford completed first in the Men’s Light Heavyweight classification at the NPC USA Championships – an IFBB Pro Card winning execution. Simply seven days after the fact, he raged to first place in the Men’s 212 Class classification at the IFBB Tampa Pro. This permitted Derek Lunsford to fit the bill for the 2017 Mr. Olympia, where he completed in the fifth spot in the 212 class.

Derek Lunsford Nowadays

Derek Lunsford was astounded by exactly how far his wellness venture had the option to come in a short space of time. Subsequent to acquiring his IFBB Pro Card, Derek really becomes famous as a muscle head.

Because of his achievement in his cutthroat working out profession, wellness organizations started to pay heed. Before adequately long, Derek Lunsford turned into a supported competitor. This offered him the stage to dominate further in his wellness vocation.

Besides, Derek Lunsford guarantees that his inspiration stays high to expand upon his brilliant exhibitions in his lifting weights vocation. Simultaneously, he means to emphatically impact others to accomplish a similar degree of achievement as him, expressing the accompanying:

“My drawn out objective is to be at the highest point of the weight training industry! I’m endeavoring to be a similar sort of good example for other youthful contenders as those I had”.


Heating Up

Derek Lunsford starts the entirety of his exercises by performing separation developments, for example, bicep twists or chest flyes. He plays out a high measure of redundancies utilizing a low weight, commonly 2-4 arrangements of in any event 15 reps. This permits his muscles to heat up in anticipation of weighty lifts.

In light of his way to deal with heating up, Derek Lunsford can stay away from wounds that happen regularly in the load’s room because of neglecting to warm the muscles up appropriately.

Hard work

After Derek Lunsford has finished his disengagement sets, he performs compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, alongside the seat press. When playing out these activities, he utilizes a significant burden with a low redundancy range, permitting him to feel the greatest muscle withdrawal with each reiteration.

In any case, Derek Lunsford accentuates the significance of the right structure, rather than lifting loads that are excessively weighty for him. He expresses the accompanying concerning this:

“Never penance structure for weight. That is the distinction between the muscle head who continues to go for quite a long time, and the person who ricochets from one injury to another”.

Performing Supersets and Dropsets

Derek Lunsford uses supersets and drops sets regularly during his exercises. By performing practices near one another, Derek can consistently construct slender bulk. Also, performing drop sets permits Derek Lunsford to play out his lifts until his muscles are totally exhausted.


Derek Lunsford follows an eating plan in which he eats each 2-3 hours, planning to get 50-60 g of protein in each feast. Subsequent to changing around his eating regimen plan on various occasions, Derek Lunsford discovered this as the technique for sustenance that turned out best for him as he meant to arrive at all of his wellness objectives.

Also, Derek Lunsford guarantees that his day-by-day macronutrient needs are met. This permits him to recuperate rapidly from his extreme exercises, close by helping the muscle-building measure. A portion of the food varieties that Derek Lunsford eats consistently as a component of his eating regimen are recorded underneath:

Derek Lunsford’s Diet Staples

  • Protein
  • Chicken
  • Egg Whites
  • Fish
  • Sound Fats
  • Egg Yolks
  • Almonds
  • Avocado
  • Coconut Oil
  • Different Foods
  • Rice
  • Blended Vegetables
  • Icons and Influences

Derek Lunsford initial movement in his lifting weights profession is down to the impact from his fitness coach James Brown. With James’ direction and exhortation, Derek Lunsford started to gain generous headway in the loads room, fabricating an incredible body simultaneously.

Likewise, Jay Cutler, Phil Heath and Jose Raymond are the working out symbols that Derek Lunsford respects incredibly. Due to their fantastic constitutions and accomplishments on the lifting weights stage, Derek intends to arrive at similar degree of achievement in his own vocation.

In any case, Derek is additionally motivated by the individuals who have made progress in their professions outside of working out. With respect to this, Derek expressed:

Derek Lunsford
Derek Lunsford

“I’ve in every case just gazed upward to effective individuals overall from varying backgrounds, not simply weight training. Individuals who have endeavored to get their names at the center of attention move me to do likewise”.

What we can gain from Derek Lunsford

Derek got going his wellness venture by participating in wrestling and playing soccer all through secondary school. Notwithstanding, when he began school, he went to the acknowledgment that weight training was his actual calling.

Since the time then, at that point, he’s gone from one solidarity to another in his wellness excursion to become famous on the weight training stage. All the while, he’s fabricated an amazing constitution by trying sincerely when preparing in the exercise center.

On the off chance that there’s one thing that Derek has shown us, it’s that consistency is key when intending to construct an incredible physical make-up. By following a way to deal with wellness like Derek, you also can possibly arrive at all of your wellness objectives – very much like him.

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