May 9, 2021
banded pull downs

Banded Pull Downs

To do banded pull downs, you can do them with a Mini Band, a Resistance Band, or a Theraband. You needn’t bother with weighty protection from taking this action work. You can even utilize a towel. Simply use something to help remind you to actuate and pull with your back.

In the event that you utilize a band, hold the band in two hands with your hands about hip-width separated. Marginally pull out on the band so that there is a strain on the band. Press your chest out and arrive at the band overhead, keeping the band tight between your hands. You may have to change your hands in nearer if the band is light. You need to pull out on it so your hands are very little more extensive than shoulder-width separated all things considered.

At that point pull the banded pull downs toward your chest, as though pulling your chest up to the bar during banded pulldowns. Squeeze your shoulder bones down and back and feel your back attempting to pull the band down. Drive your elbows to the cold earth and marginally back as you pull the band down keeping it tight between your hands.

Banded Pull Downs
Banded Pull Downs

You can either hold at the lower part of the draw or gradually arrive at the band back overhead to finish reiterations. In the event that you do redundancies, move gradually and make a point to keep up pressure on the band the whole time. Zero in on truly pulling the band down with your back while “driving” with your chest.

Try not to curve your low back as you play out the pulls despite the fact that you need to press your chest out. Ensure you additionally don’t just feel the exterior of your shoulders working, however rather feel your back. On the off chance that you just feel your shoulders, you might be utilizing too substantial a band or you might be too centered around pulling out on the band rather than down.

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