The Best 21 Day Fix Yoga Review – Ultimate Guide


Length 21 Day Fix Yoga

  • 30:14


  • Yoga Mat or mini Mat


  • Extending and Recovery


This is an incredible 21 Day Fix Yoga exercise. The main Yoga schedules I have at any point done are from Tony Horton; Yoga X from P90X, 21 Day Fix Yoga from 10 Minute Trainer, and Fountain of Youth and Patience Hummingbird Yoga from the P90X One on Ones. I would say this Yoga routine succeeds, where the P90X One on One schedules fizzle, in that it is a finished Yoga X style routine in a half hour. Pretty much every move in this exercise is in Yoga X and it is 1/3 of the time. So that implies you are not holding each posture for extremely long, yet you do get a wide assortment of stances to extricate up your whole body. The organization of this routine is basically the same as Yoga X in that it begins with some breathing and Sun Salutations to get you heated up. Then, at that point, there is a Vinyasa Flow Yoga series, where you are continually moving. The stream segment is the most vigorous, however, it is as yet recuperative in nature and substantially more reasonable for fledglings, than the one in Yoga X. Following that there is a Balance Series, where you work on certain postures to work on your equilibrium. The last segment is dedicated to lighter extending and loosening up relaxing. 21 Day Fix Yoga is particularly about balance, hot and cold, and so on… This segment truly adjusts the more vigorous presents we did before and leaves you feeling exceptionally without a care in the world. By and large, I think this is an incredible daily practice and may turn into my go-to Yoga when I have very little time.

The Exercises 21 Day Fix Yoga


Exercise #1 – Breathe

You simply stand and inhale with your eyes shut. Your feet ought to be a couple of inches separated and your palms are looking ahead.

21 day fix yoga
21 day fix yoga

Exercise #2 – Sun Salutations 21 Day Fix Yoga

Presently you do 3 Sun Salutations. Start with your feet together. Breathe in your palms up over your head and afterward breathe out, swan jumping your palms to the mat. Then, at that point breathe in lifting up to a level back position, then, at that point breathe out palms back to the floor. From that point step or hop once again into the board position. Curve your elbows and go down to a low board and afterward promptly lift your chest up and curve your back into Upward Dog position. From that point breathe out and press once again into a Downward Dog position driving your butt high up, without moving your hands or feet. Subsequent to holding Downward Dog for a couple of moments, you step or feet back up to your hands. Then, at that point breathe in lifting to level back and breathe out your palms back to the ground. Then, at that point breathe in as far as possible upbringing your hands over your head. That is one Sun Salutation, presently you do 2 more.

Series 1:

Exercise #3 – Chair Pose

With your feet together, let your butt fall down twisting the knees. Keep your chest up and lift your arms up close to your ears, so that there is a straight line from your fingertips to your butt. You hold Chair Pose for 20 seconds and afterward do a Sun Salutation. In any case, from Downward Dog you lift one leg straight into the air to set up Crescent Pose. This grouping where you go to the board, then, at that point Upward Dog, then, at that point Downward Dog is known as a Vinyasa. These Vinyasas are utilized to progress from one posture to another. In fact, a Vinyasa is a particular grouping of breath-synchronized developments used to change between supported stances. Thus, this is only the particular Vinyasa utilized in this exercise and is really a similar Vinyasa utilized in Yoga X, from P90X.

Exercise #4 – Crescent Pose 21 Day Fix Yoga

Bring the leg that is noticeable all around up to your hands, and leave the other foot where it is. Presently carry your arms into the air, so you are in a rush, with your front leg bowed at 90 degrees and your back leg straight. The front knee ought to be before the lower leg, however behind the toe. Stand firm on this footing venturing your arms into the sky for 20 seconds. Presently go down and do a Vinyasa, taking the other leg off the ground and concocting that leg forward. Presently hold Crescent Pose for an additional 20 seconds on this site.

Exercise #5 – Vinyasa

Presently we return into the Vinyasa and simply hold the Downward Dog for 20 seconds.

Exercise #6 – Chair Pose 21 Day Fix Yoga

After that, we step the hands back up and go right once more into Chair Pose and hold it for 10 seconds. We then, at that point return down through the Vinyasa, lifting the advantage into the air once more.

Exercise #7 – Warrior 1

This opportunity we come up into Warrior 1. This is equivalent to Crescent Pose, aside from the back impact point is gone aside, so the front impact point is in accordance with the curve of the back foot. You should turn the hips, to keep them square before you. You will hold Warrior 1 on this side for 20 seconds.

Exercise #8 – Warrior 2 21 Day Fix Yoga

Presently we go into Warrior 2. Breathe in the arms together, and afterward breathe out turning your body so your chest is in accordance with your back foot, and drop the arms down, so they structure a straight line and are in accordance with your hips. Your neck ought to be turned with the goal that you are gazing directly ahead over your front arm. You will hold Warrior 2 for around 10 seconds.

Exercise #9 – Angle Pose

From Warrior 2 incline forward bringing your front lower arm onto your front thigh, and arriving at the back arm straight before you. On the off chance that you can drop the front hand to the ground let it all out, in any case, stay on the thigh. Hold this for around 20 seconds prior to lifting once more into Warrior 2. Then, at that point return into Warrior 1. You then, at that point go down and do a Vinyasa and rehash Warrior 1, Warrior 2, and Angle Pose on the opposite side.

Exercise #10 – Vinyasa

Presently we return into the Vinyasa and simply hold the Downward Dog for 20 seconds.

Exercise #11 – Chair Pose 21 Day Fix Yoga

After that, we step the hands back up and go right once again into Chair Pose and hold it for around 15 seconds. You then, at that point twist around and put your palms on the ground, breathe in up to level back, breathe out back to the ground, swan plunge your hands up over your head, and afterward breathe out your arms down to your side, so that you are simply remaining with your feet together, and your arms next to you.

Equilibrium Series:

Exercise #12 – Balance Pose

Directly from the last known point of interest, lift your right advantage and press your palms together before your heart. You can either rest the right foot on the left lower leg, the left knee, or out before you, so the knee is in accordance with the hip. You balance for 30 seconds on the left leg and afterward switch and complete 30 seconds on the other.

Exercise #13 – Tree Pose

Lift your right foot up with your right and place it as high up on the left thigh as you can. Offset in this situation with your right knee looking out to the right side. Your palms are together again before your heart. Hold for 30 seconds on the left leg, and afterward switch for 30 seconds on the opposite side.

Exercise #14 – Forward Bend

Open your feet up more extensive than your mat and carry your hands to your hips. Breathe in and curve back, then, at that point breathe out and twist around with a level back, carrying your palms to the floor. You hold like this for a couple of moments, then, at that point breathe in up to level back. Then, at that point, you breathe out down snatching your enormous toes with your fingers. After you hold like this for a couple of moments, you change to a situation with your palms under your feet. After that, you take your palms back to the mat and return up. In absolute, this goes on for just about 90 seconds.

21 day fix yoga
21 day fix yoga

Exercise #15 – Triangle Pose 21 Day Fix Yoga

Turn the right foot with the goal that it is looking out. Presently raise your arms up so they are at shoulder stature, shaping a T with your chest. Presently hangover to the right, keeping your legs straight, and bring your right hand close to your right foot, with the left arm expanding straight high up. Your chest ought to look ahead, and you ought to be gazing toward the left hand in the sky. Hang on this side for 30 seconds, then, at that point change to the opposite side for 30 seconds.

Series 3:

Exercise #16 – Modified Cobra

To get into the position we do the Sun Salutation Vinyasa we have been utilizing. From Downward canine drop down into the last a push-up, with your elbows near your side. Holding your hands under your shoulders, lift your chest up, with the goal that the hands are off the ground. Everything from your hips down stays where it is. Make a point to press your abs and glutes to stand firm on the situation. You will hold this for a couple of moments, then, at that point drop down to the floor again for a couple of moments, then, at that point do a subsequent one.

Exercise #17 – Superman 21 Day Fix Yoga

Presently from a similar position, expand your arms out before you with the thumbs confronting the sky. Then, at that point lift your chest and arms off the floor, as in the Modified Cobra, yet in addition, lift your legs off the floor too. This will consume your lower back. Again we complete 2 reps, with a couple of the second breaks in the middle.

Exercise #18 – Bow

From a similar beginning position, twist your knees and get your feet towards your body. Reach back and get your feet with your hands. Presently lift your chest as high off the ground as you can. Keep your knees together and truly pull on the lower legs to lift you up. We hold this posture for 20 seconds.

Exercise #19 – Child’s Pose 21 Day Fix Yoga

Presently isolated your knees and sit on them. Then, at that point push your butt back on top of your heels, while coming to advance, putting your arms on the floor before you. Attempt to get as profound into this as you can, while keeping your butt behind you. We hold this for 20 seconds.

Exercise #20 – Shoulder Stretch

Stay in Child’s Pose and put the right arm under the left, extending it straight out to the left. Turn your head to one side and arrive readily available as out of sight you can to truly feel the stretch in your shoulder. We then, at that point return to Child’s Pose and switch arms. We hold the stretch for 15 seconds for every side.

Exercise #21 – Cat-Cow

Get on all fours, with the goal that your hands are under your shoulders and your knees are under your hips. Breathe in and round the backup, peering down at the floor. Then, at that point breathe out and curve the back, turning upward into the sky. We complete 3 reps of each. In the event that you don’t perceive this from other Yoga exercises, you ought to essentially recall it from the warm-up in Pilates Fix.

Exercise #22 – Bird Dog 21 Day Fix Yoga

From your hands and knees, broaden your right hand out and your left foot back. Lift them both off the floor, broadened straight in accordance with your shoulder and hip. You switch your arms and feet following 20 seconds, completing 2 hangs on each side.

Exercise #23 – Child’s Pose

Get once more into Child’s Pose and hold for 45 seconds.

Exercise #24 – Runner’s Stretch – R 21 Day Fix Yoga

This stretch focuses on your hamstring. Sit on your mat and carry the left foot into the right thing. Then, at that point broaden the right leg straight out at 45 degrees. Breathe in your arms up and afterward breathe out them down, attempting to snatch your right toes, while keeping your leg on the floor. You hold this stretch for 30 seconds.

Exercise #25 – Glute Stretch – R 21 Day Fix Yoga

Take the left foot and spot it down on the ground before you, so the leg is bowed. Then, at that point take the right lower leg and spot it on top of the left knee. Put your hands on the floor close to your butt and loosen up the glute. Ensure you sit up tall all through the stretch. This likewise endures 30 seconds.

Exercise #26 – Twist – R 21 Day Fix Yoga

Presently broaden left leg back out and drop the right foot down on the left half of the left thigh. Pivot your body to the right, putting your left elbow on your right knee as you look behind you, loosening up the spine. Again you hold the stretch for around 30 seconds.

Exercise #27 – Runner’s Stretch – L

Presently do the Runner’s Stretch focusing on the left hamstring.

Exercise #28 – Glute Stretch – L

Same glute stretch you did previously, however on the opposite side.

Exercise #29 – Twist – L

Presently contort around to one side.

Exercise #30 – Butterfly

Presently bring the spirits of your feet together and hold them with your hands. Twist forward as you breathe out, keeping your back level as long as you can, then, at that point breakdown down. This stretch is called Cobbler’s Pose in Yoga X. You hold the Butterfly for 30 seconds.

Exercise #31 – Straddle Stretch

Open your advantages wide. Breathe in your arms up and breathe out down with a level back. When you can presently don’t hold the level back, simply breakdown down. You hold in the middle for 15 seconds and afterward walk your hands over to the right side. Following 15 seconds there, you walk your hands over to the left leg and hold for an additional 15 seconds.

21 day fix yoga
21 day fix yoga

Exercise #32 – Supine Twist

Acquire your legs and set down on your mat in a ball, so your knees are in towards your chest and you are holding them with your hands. From that point drop your knees to the right and look to the left. Stretch your arms out aside, squeezing the shoulder bones into the ground. You complete 30 seconds on each side.

Exercise #33 – Corpse Pose

My top choice! Simply lie on your back with your eyes shut. Totally loosen up all aspects of your body. This posture is held for about a moment. Toward the end, you roll to your side and sit up into a leg over leg position, and do a namaste bow.

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